PA State Parks - Summer 2018

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

I love to go camping and hiking so here is just a sampling of this summers adventures.

PA Grand Canyon - Leonard Harrison State Park

PA Grand Canyon was awesome!!!

We stayed in Little Pine Creek State Park and traveled to Leonard Harrison State Park for the incredible views.

Top of the mountain on Panther Run Trail. 7 miles not 2.9 like the park map says!!!

Without a doubt the most difficult hike we did this summer was Panther Run Trail in Little Pine Creek State Park. We read the park map and it said 2.9 miles but in reality it is a 7 mile hike up and down a mountain, surprise!!!

Black Moshannon State Park was another gem. Great kayaking on the lake and pretty nice hike up ski slope trail.

Ski Slope Trail - Black Moshannon State Park

Our next trip we ventured further East and visited 9 State Parks in 4 days. Tobyhanna, Hickory Run, Big Pocono, and Ricketts Glen State Parks were the main draws and definitely some of the best views and hiking in the state!

Lakeside Trail - Tobyhanna State Park

Ricketts Glen State Park was incredibly beautiful. The Falls Trail which has 22 water falls was a perfect hike. You hike down rock steps and wooden bridges then back up the other side with waterfalls keeping you company the entire hike. I believe it was around 3 miles but took us 2 hours because of all the stopping and picture taking.

And last but not least well, maybe least, is honorable mention winner of the trip. Archibald Pothole State Park. I know you have already guessed it. 

It is a giant fenced in Pothole.


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